Ribó, the spanish cycling shoes since 1956.

Ribó was founded in 1945 by Orestes Ribó sr.

Very soon the brand became very popular in Spain and amongst a lot of profesional cyclists.

In 2021, the Magliamo team has decided to relaunch the brand in collaboration with Orestes Ribó.

The production of the shoes will remain in Barcelona, so Ribó is one of the very last cycling shoes made in Europe.

Used by the greatest
Spanish Champions

Our vintage cycling shoes are still made with the exact same tools and materials as the shoes used in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s by the greatest champions.

They have the same shape and same qualities.

The Ribó shoes were very popular amongst most of greatest Spanish profesional cyclists, like Miguel Poblet, Bahamontes, Tom Simpson, Julio Jimenez, Lejaretta, …